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Broad-Spectrum Oil and Tincture: FAQ

1) What is Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil?

Answer– There are three types of CBD products available in the market- Broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Broad-Spectrum CBD: Broad-Spectrum contains compounds like Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabichromene (CBC), and other natural terpenes. All these compounds are especially well-known for the various health benefits they offer.

Full-spectrum CBD: The blends of full-spectrum are quite similar to broad-spectrum CBD. The biggest difference is that Full-spectrum contains a very small amount of THC level, while Broad-Spectrum does not. The extraction process is designed to remove the THC level to the point that it becomes less than 0.0%.

CBD isolate: CBD isolate blends are usually flavorless and colorless. It’s because they do not contain additional cannabinoids. This is the key difference between CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD formulas.

2) Is buying broad-spectrum CBD oil legal?

Answer- Yes, purchasing broad-spectrum CBD oil is legal in the United States. Hemp farming became legal in the United States after the U.S. Farm Bill was passed in 2018. This bill allows hemp manufacturers to grow and produce hemp-based products that contain less than 0.3% THC.

Maxxam CBD offers organically-grown, lad-tested, and GMP-certified CBD. Our CBD products can be legally shipped, purchased, and consumed in all 50 U.S. states.

3) Does broad-spectrum CBD contain THC?

Answer– Our broad-spectrum CBD products contain less than 0.00% THC and we absolutely follow the federal guidelines. The broad-spectrum CBD extraction process fully focuses on removing the THC level as much as possible, while maintaining the cannabinoid profile.

We focus on the quality and well-being of our customers. That’s why we leave no stone unturned to produce high-quality CBD products.

4) Does broad-spectrum CBD oil make you feel high?

Answer– Because broad-spectrum CBD oil contains such a small amount of THC (less than 0.00%), it does not make you feel high or cause any psychoactive effects. Instead, it will help you relieve your underlying symptom.

5) Can a drug test detect the ingestion of broad-spectrum CBD?

Answer- Sensitive drug screening for employment and other services may detect the THC level of broad-spectrum CBD ingestion. Meaning, the drug test may show a positive result of THC presence. Thus, it’s advisable not to take broad-spectrum CBD products if you are supposed to undergo a drug test or screening for THC for a job or any other important service.

6) How much broad-spectrum CBD oil should I take?

Answer– Clinical researches and case studies suggest that depending on the specific needs, the first time users should begin with a dosage ranging from 25 mg to 50 mg per day and may take up to 200 mg per day.

You can adjust the daily intake amount gradually, depending on your health condition and the response you are getting. The bottom line is you should intake the right amount of CBD depending on how your body responds to the product.

CBD works best when taken regularly for two to six weeks depending on your health condition. And if you experience any trouble, you can always consult a doctor.

7) Do broad-spectrum CBD products cause side effects and are they safe to use?

Answer- There have been no significant unpleasant reactions or side effects reported in CBD users. Side effects are mild and nothing serious to be afraid about. Since its non-toxic, it’s absolutely safe to use. That’s why the popularity of CBD products has grown widely and significantly.

8) It is advisable to take broad-spectrum CBD oil with prescription drugs?

Answer- Normally, it’s safe to use broad-spectrum CBD oil along with other prescribed medicine. However, in certain cases, CBD may interfere with your body. This reaction can reduce the effectiveness of the medications you are taking. Therefore, if you are already under some medication, make sure to talk with your doctor before adding CBD to your medication. The doctor will give you the right advice considering your health condition.

9) Can pregnant women use CBD products?

Answer– Unless and otherwise recommended by a doctor, do not consider using CBD products if you are pregnant or nursing. Also, do not use CBD if you are on birth control medication.

10) Is it safe to take broad-spectrum CBD products with other natural supplements?

Answer- Yes, you can combine CBD with other natural supplements without risks of any serious side effects. Since CBD is organically grown, it contains formulas that are similar to other natural supplements. However, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before adding CBD to your wellness plan.

11) Where does your CBD come from?

Answer- Maxxam CBD offers organically grown, lab-tested, and GMO certified CBD from Kentucky. Our CBD products are 100% natural and absolutely safe to use. We strive to provide quality products to our benevolent customers.

12) Is your CBD organically grown?

Answer- Yes, we only offer organically grown CBD, you can rest assured of that.

13) Do you test your CBD products and how?

Answer- Each and every CBD product of Maxxam CBD is tested at every level of the extraction and production process. We use ISO certified third party testing laboratories to ensure meet all Federal guidelines and make the manufacturing process successful.

Since we strive to produce the best kinds of CBD products, we make sure that every product is tested carefully at every level. You can rest assured by knowing that we do everything to provide you the best products. We care about your health and wellness.

14) Is it safe to add CBD to creams, moisturizers, and other skin care products?

Answer- Yes, because it can be done, broad-spectrum CBD has become very popular. It’s safe to infuse CBD to body care and skin care products because the majority level of THC is removed during the extraction process. Therefore, broad-spectrum CBD causes no adverse side effects.

15) Can I add broad-spectrum CBD to foods and drinks?

Answer- Yes, Maxxam CBD’s broad-spectrum CBD can be added to foods and drinks. You can add to foods and drinks like tea, coffee, brownies, protein shakes, etc. If you would like to add CBD to your foods, go ahead and purchase our BroadSpectrum CBD Oil Tinctures.

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