Sleep Formula CBD/CBN Oil Tincture (unflavoured)


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Hemp Derived Extract with 1000mg of CBD Isolate, 300mg of CBN and 150mg of Melatonin. This is one of the most popular and most effective formulas.

It is an Isolate based CBD, chosen to allow the product to focus on the desired effect to assist with sleep issues. This also allows us to provide an unflavored product that is more conducive for bedtime use. The addition of CBN helps to promote sleep through its naturally occurring sedative effects. The addition of Melatonin helps with regulation of the natural sleep cycle.

We have had great success with our Sleep Gummies and wanted to offer another delivery option for customers who are looking for CBN infused products for sleep, but do not want the additional sugar associated with the gummies.

Like all our products, the CBD and CBN are organically grown. It is Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and All Natural.


We suggest ½ to 1 dropper at night before bed.


Organic MCT oil, Hemp derived Cannabidiol, Hemp Derived Cannabinol, Melatonin

Supplemental facts

Calories 10

Total Fat 1g

Saturated Fat 1g

Hemp Derived CBD 33mg

Hemp Derived CBN 10mg

Melatonin 2.5mg

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